Fitness vs MS

I went to see my MS nurse for a check up today, she asked me how I’ve been getting on and I replied honestly; that I have good days and bad days but it is what it is. She asked me how I’ve been managing my symptoms of late, “I think a lot of it has been down to exercise” I replied. She asked me to elaborate.

I told her, under the advice of my MS consultant, who advised me last year to “practice more yoga”, he said I could do this from the comfort of my own home “I have 5 year old twin boys at home” I exclaimed…..he paused for thought…..”can you do yoga at the gym?”, so I have changed my gym contract from ‘off peak’ to ‘peak’ meaning that I can take a yoga class one evening a week and I have the most awesome yoga teacher who really knows her stuff, so that has helped massively.

I also told her I’ve got an equally awesome Personal Trainer as well, who I only see once a month but the exercises she gives me, I can take away and do either at home or at the gym on my own, she inspires me to be a fitter version of myself and if it helps me control my MS then even better. 

I’ve been exercising a lot more in general, making a conscious decision to simply just move more; getting up at work and going round to speak to someone at their desk instead of emailing or calling, walking to the doctors from my house instead of driving, parking further away from the places I’m going to so I have further to walk.

Living with an invisible illness like MS can be quite isolating, nobody can know how I’m feeling apart from me because it’s within me and doesn’t show on the outside. I can do my hair, put make up on and wear a nice outfit and will look fine to everyone else but they can’t see the pins and needles I’m experiencing 24/7 in my right hand or see the dizziness I feel in my head, the double vision in my eyes and the fog in my brain. The only thing people could see is my right leg buckling every so often when the nerve gets hit, making me look like a raging alcoholic. I’ve come to discover no matter how much I strengthen my right leg through exercise, it will still buckle because the MS attacks the nerve cell not the muscle cell so it’s ultimately out of my control. The only thing I can do is just go with it, carry on as I am and maybe, once in a while, just for the lols, walk around with a whisky bottle in my hand for added effect. (I wouldn’t drink any of it, I’ve drank whiskey once in my whole life and the result wasn’t pretty let me tell you).

At the end of the appointment, she was happy with my progress and shouldn’t need to see me until this time next year unless I experience any new symptoms or feel a relapse coming on, which is a very good sign indeed. 

So all in all, yes my MS is a constant battle.

But it looks like it’s a battle I’m winning.

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